EPS group EP-PharmaLine Co.,Ltd.

Our History

Establishment of Cyber Medical-net Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Pharma Network Corporation.
Pharma Network Corporation becomes Pharma Network Co., Ltd.
Cyber Medical-net Co., Ltd. changes its name to EP Medical Co., Ltd.
Establishment of Medical Line Co., Ltd.
Merger between Pharma Network Co., Ltd. and EP-Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Oct.Medical Line Co., Ltd. and Pharma Network Co., Ltd. merge to form EP-PharmaLine Co., Ltd.
  • Feb.Expansion of Tokyo headquarters & creation of Recruiting Office.
  • Mar.Establishment of Fukuoka branch.
  • Dec.Business alliance between EP-PharmaLine and CareNet, Inc. for developing "Medi-Call System" which combines e-promotion by CareNet with remote detailing through outbound dialing.
  • Jan.EPS group adopts a holding company structure.
    EP-PharmaLine Co., Ltd.operates as a core operating company of EPS Holdings, Inc.
  • Mar.Opening of Remote Detailing Center in Osaka Branch
  • Apr.Creation of "Total Quality Management Dept." for overall improvement of DIservice.
    Establishment of the Pharmaceutical Information Promotion Department specializing in the production of academic materials
  • Jun.Establishment of Sendai branch.
  • Sep.Creation of Training Center.
  • May.Creation of "Quality Assurance Dept." for improving quality assurance functions in PMS operations.
  • Jun.Creation of "Third party Review Dept." for new business expansion.
  • Dec.Starting of Training Center in Ikebukuro (KDX Building)
  • Jan.Creation of Medical Information Promotion Dept. in Osaka branch office.
  • Apr.Establishment of Contact Center in Fukuoka.
    Start of operation as a BCP Center.
  • Oct.Creation of Medical Affairs Div.
  • Oct.Establishment of Call Center Business Division (Unification of Call Center Business Division and Medical Affairs Division) and CSO Business Division (Unification of CSO, BPO and PMS Divisions)
  • Oct.Establishment of ES-Link Co., Ltd., a joint venture company between EPS Holdings Co., Ltd. and Suzuken Co., Ltd., which conducts promotion service business and BPO service business.
  • Mar.Creation of Segment Management Office, Business Analysis Office.
  • Apr.AC MEDICAL INC. becomes an EPS Group company.
  • Sep.EP-PharmaLine wins the Jury's special innovation prize '2019 Contact Center Award'
  • Oct.Unification of Call Center Div., CSO Business Div., and Medical Affairs Division. Opening of Operation Division.
  • Feb.Succession and start of business of our subsidiary company EP-Force Co., Ltd, by merging CSO business of AC Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Jun.EP-Pharmaline's CMR business succeeded to EP-Force through absorption-type split due to business reorganization.
  • Jul.Introduction of a cloud based call center system.
  • Aug.Expansion of Headquarters and KDX bldg.
    Creation of a new room dedicated to Remote MRs.
  • Oct.Inauguration of Kanami Ikeda as President & Representative Director.
    Inauguration of Junichi Nishizuka as Chairman and Representative Director.