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  • December 18, 2023 Notice of Change in Executive Structure This is to inform you of the change in the executive structure.
  • October 2, 2023 EP-PharmaLine is a proud recipient of Contact Center Awards 2023 "Jury‘s Special Award". EP-PharmaLine received the Jury‘s Special Award at the Contact Center Awards 2023, hosted by Rick Telecom Co., Ltd. and the editorial department of Call Center Japan.
  • August 1, 2023 EP-PharmaLine Named One of the Top Pharma Consulting Company in Japan 2023 EP-PharmaLine Company has been named one of the "Top Pharma Consulting Company in Japan 2023" by Pharma Tech Outlook APAC.
    The article provides the overview of EP-PharmaLine, its business initiatives and achievements.
    EP-PharmaLine | Top Pharma Consulting Company in Japan-2023 (pharmatechoutlook.com)

Our Business

EP-PharmaLine Highlight

  • 1,503


  • 1,030

    Licensed Employees

    (Pharmacists, Nurses, MR, National registered dietitians, Dietitians, Veterinarian, Registered salesperson of OTC drugs etc.)
  • 300+


  • 25+

    years of experience

*as of Oct. 2023

Transactions within Japan in 2023


Number of contracts

From pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies

Number of companies contracted for

  • Medical Contact Center Service: 80+

  • Medical Affairs Service: 70+

    (Creation and Revision of Promotional Materials Support Service, Regulation Review Related Service)

  • BPO Service: about 50

    (PMS support service, Drug Distribution Management Support Service, etc. )

  • Medical Device Contact Center Service: about 35

  • Healthcare Support Service: about 35, etc.

Number of subscribers

to pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare companies


Award Experience

Contact Center Aword
  • 2022 Best Operation Award, Contact Center Award
  • 2023 Jury's Special Award, Contact Center Award
  • Top Pharma Consulting Company in Japan 2023 awarded by Pharma Tech Outlook, etc.
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