EPS group EP-PharmaLine Co.,Ltd.


EP-PharmaLine contributes to the advancement of society by placing the highest priority on clients' needs & satisfaction and providing them with high-quality solutions.

EPS Group's Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

We will contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry by providing high-value-added solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

If we improve each day, we can progress ourselves daily, and will continue to do so.
Ever Progressing System

Our Values

For our Clients We always place the highest priority on meeting clients' needs and providing high-value-added services.
For our Business We will contribute to the advancement of society through sustained development of our businesses.
For our People We will grow through our service to clients, and improve the quality of life (QOL) of all our stakeholders.

Top Message

EP-PharmaLine, member of EPS Group is specialized in pharmaceuticals, medical care, medical devices and healthcare. Through its 4 core businesses: DI, BPO, Multi-channel promotion and Medical Devices Support services, we create new possibilities for our clients.

We have received high praise as a leading company mostly thanks to our 3 services: DI, BPO and Medical Device Support; and we operate with awareness and pride as a member of the medical care.

I became aware of the medical path since elementary school. I was a kid that always wanted to go out and play from the moment I wake up instead of eating my breakfast. However, one day I got sick and had a fever. Since then, I would always go to doctor.

After the Consultation, I would watch the pharmacist weigh the medicine on a scale and wrap it up. Once you take the medicine, you immediately feel better. I would admire the pharmacist and his magic powder.

Then, I became a high school student and chose the path of pharmacy. After graduating college, I chose the academic department in a pharmaceutical company. I wanted doctors and pharmacists to know more about that 'magic powder'.

The product I was in charge of was cute, and in order to be properly communicate the qualities of this product, I would focus on this and create materials, attend briefings and academic conferences all over the country, and respond to inquiries.
Then, I thought about how I could prevent the disease, and I started yoga and dance. I also took an instructor qualification course and worked as a yoga and dance instructor.
Unfortunately I could not make a living like this and I found a job at EP-PharmaLine as a 'Medical communicator'.

After a break of a year and a half, I went back to the pharmaceutical industry. 10 years have passed but even now, I remember like it was yesterday how excited I was learning about pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We take appropriate care of the products that are dear to our client companies and make sure that our patients and consumers received the adequate treatment and information.
Each of our employees will continue to strive to become a vital partner company that can provide detailed proposals and services in response to the wishes of our client companies.

EP-PharmaLine Kanami Ikeda
EP-PharmaLine Co.,Ltd. President & Representative Director Kanami Ikeda