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  1. Business Name

    EP-PharmaLine Co., Ltd.

  2. Personal Information Protection Manager

    Management Center Director

  3. Usage Purposes:
    1. Response to customers' inquiries
    2. Providing a customer with the requested materials
    3. Verifying that the individual requesting information is in fact the person in question
  4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

    EP-PharmaLine does not provide personal information to third parties unless the permission of the individuals whose information would be provided has been obtained or the purpose of the provision of personal information is to comply with the law or ordinance.

  5. Entrustment of Personal Information

    The handling of personal information may be entrusted to an outside party (e.g. home delivery service company) to the extent necessary to achieve the usage purposes.
    In such an event, EP-PharmaLine shall ensure that it will exercise full supervision over any outside party, including entering into a written non-disclosure agreement, in relation to the handling of all personal information. All such outside parties will be required to properly manage such information and also restrict its use under EP-PharmaLine guidelines.

  6. Voluntary Nature of the Provision of Personal Information

    EP-PharmaLine collects personal information in relation to section 3 (Usage Purposes).The provision of personal information is voluntary. It should be noted, however, that the provision of incorrect information or the refusal to provide correct information could preclude the proper performance of activities such as provision of guidance, responding to inquiries; and contacting of individuals for whom correct personal information is lacking.

  7. Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information

    EP-PharmaLine accepts requests from individuals to disclose,report usage purposes of, correct, delete, cease usage of, remove, or cease provision (to third parties) of their personal information provided to EP-PharmaLine. For more information on these requests, please contact Personal Information Contact or read "Handling of Personal Information".

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    Cookies will be used for the purposes of preventing unauthorized access and ensuring security. Personally identifiable information is not included.

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